What Is Happening in Veracruz?


Manlio Fabio Beltrones, national president of the PRI, with Javier Duarte, Governor of Veracruz.

Veracruz, located in the eastern of Mexico, is suffering.

The state where Javier Duarte-from the PRI party-is the governor has problems of security and impunity, mostly. But it doesn’t need more.

The corruption is a real problem in the entity, because there are more than 35.000 million pesos (around 1.900 million dollars) that Duarte didn’t use correctly, as the Mexican Superior Audit Office (ASF, in Spanish) revealed recently.

The National Anti-corruption Organization (ONEA, in Spanish) indicated many problems in the entity:

  • There are pending actions to finish the impunity and the insecurity.
  • The farmers, as coffee producers, don’t have any kind of support.
  • Civil organizations accuse the government of some attacks, even some people went to jail for pointing out the problems in the state.
  • There are pending actions in education including payments to the teachers.

Besides, there are so many crimes related with the cartels, but others where the government is the main focus, because some public servants are suspicious and the administration is not doing anything to resolve the situation.

In my article “The Route of the Clandestine Graves in Mexico” I wrote that Veracruz is in the top five, with 49 cases, of the states with more of these tombs.

I wrote also in my article “Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico?” that U.S. Government indicates that the violence is growing there. Even, the Mexican government recognizes the presence of Zetas, Jalisco, Jalisco Nueva Generación and Golfo cartels. The Canadian Government also has this state in its alerts.

Javier Duarte has a lot of “hot potatoes” on his hands,
but it looks like he doesn’t care.

There is more, because civil organizations are concerned for the attacks against journalists, as I indicated in my text “The War against the Journalists in Mexico”.  Just during the Duarte’s government, Article 19 says that 15 journalists have been murdered. The most recent case was Anabel Flores Salazar, 32, who was a freelancer. She was kidnapped in Orizaba, Veracruz, and two days later her body was found in Puebla, on the highway Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca.

None of those problems have been resolved, and now the public opinion is demanding actions for the case of a young lady who was raped by a gang of juniors called “Los Porkys”. The case is a shame for the justice system.

In May of 2015, Arturo Fernández Torres sued four young guys for the rape of his daughter Daphne, under age.

Enrique Capitaine-son of the former mayor of Nautla, Felipe Capitaine-; Gerardo Rodríguez Acosta, Jorge Cotaita Cabrales y Diego Cruz Alonso are the accused. They are the sons of public servants and rich business men.

The magazine Proceso published that the guys committed their crime at a house in Costa de Oro after they took Daphne from a bar.

The victim’s father tried to resolve the case in a good way, he even had a meeting with the parents of the accused, but the answer was a discredit campaign in the social networks.


At 30th of March, with the hashtag #CasoPorkys, the Governor Javier Duarte published on Twitter that he had a meeting with the family of Daphne, the underage lady raped by a gang of juniors.

Now there is an opened file in the General Attorney Office of the state, but the case is on freeze. The victims said that the young guys’ families are protected by the governor Mr. Duarte, who denied this situation, but did not do anything else.

The problem is that “Los Porkys” is considered a dangerous gang, because they were accused of other crimes, even more rapes.

The Governor has a lot of “hot potatoes” on his hands. What will he do about it?

And another question: Is there some institution in Mexico that can do something to stop this situation in Veracruz?

The answer to the last question is that maybe not.


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