The People Voted in Mexico in Spite of ‘All Options Stink’

In Mexico it is common to hear in the streets, jobs, home or meetings with friends that the people are tired of politicians; they consider that “all options stink”, it doesn’t matter who wins in the elections.

But even with that disenchantment, the citizens go to the polling places, as more than 15 million of people, around 50%, did on June 5th during the elections in 14 entities, 12 for governor.

The PRI was surprised by the results. This is the party of the President Enrique Peña Nieto. They are being punished for the work of its governors and for the President’s actions also.

The winners are part of the PAN, because they will govern in seven more states.

This is a general lecture of the last election in Mexico, but there are some details necessary to talk about carefully.

The first doubt is whether the electors are rewarding to PAN or if they are considering that they don’t have other options.

The Spanish newspaper El País published that PAN is on the race for the presidency… again. Yes, that doesn’t mean that it’s good news, especially after the work that Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón did.

The newspapers Reforma and The Wall Street Journal published that the results were a “signaling widespread dissatisfaction with the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto”.

That is true, but, again, that doesn’t mean that the Mexicans are considering PAN as a better option, because when it was in power, this party didn’t fight against the corruption, the main problem in the Mexican democracy.

There is no party really interested to lead a strategy to fight corruption. This is not an opinion, it is a fact: the Mexican Congress has frozen the laws against corruption. Another fact: none important and corrupt politician is in jail.

For now, the PRD, the leftist party, is involved in its own problems; and now Morena, the New Leftist party, is controlled by a single man, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who, of course, will try running for presidency for the third time. Are those parties a better option? The people don’t know.

For example, in Mexico City, PRD, the party in the power, lost positions. But, why in the most palletized city in Mexico the citizens are not voting? Why just 28% of the electors went to the polling places? Why do not they consider it important to vote for someone who would write the first constitution of the city?

Besides Mexico City, Baja California had low participation; just 33.6% went to vote. This is considered as a normal attitude, because the process wasn’t for governor.

But also in Puebla, where PAN won, just 44% voted.

In Sinaloa won PRI just with 44% of the voters. In this state where the drug empire was born and built by Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

There are so many questions after this election, because the new race, that already started, is for the presidency in 2018.

Who can be a better option for a country where the crime and corruption have privileges?

Who can be a better option for a country which will have a new economic crisis?

Who can accomplish promises and not just give hopes to the citizens?


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