Trump Casino Workers Are on Strike… ‘Making America Great Again!’


Cooks, bartenders, housekeepers, cocktail servers, and people from other services are protesting.

Since July 1, about 1,000 workers of the Trump Taj Mahal are on strike; they are protesting in front of the one of the showiest buildings on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

They are cooks, bartenders, housekeepers, cocktail servers and people from other services.

“They say that Carl Icahn used the bankruptcy court to strip 1,000 workers of pay and benefits worth more than 1/3 of their total compensation. Many workers at the Trump Taj Mahal, including those with years on the job, have seen only $.80 per hour in total raises over the last twelve years”, as shown on their blog and confirmed in person.

Also the employees say that the cost of living in Atlantic City has risen over 25 percent in those twelve years.

“Housekeepers, servers and other casino workers at the Taj Mahal earn an average of less than $12/ hour”, they add.

Besides to be directly involved in this problem, because his company is operating the casino-hotel, Icahn has been considered by Trump–in case he arrives to the White House–as his Treasury Secretary, but Icahn told the CNN: “There’s no way I would ever do that”. But the doubt is still there.

“Icahn is the guy that Trump said will be in charge of the economy. What?… You want to make America great again? Why don’t you make the building with your name great again?”

Christina Condos, Trump Taj Mahal Worker 


During the Republican Convention, Trump was emphatic when he talked about the American economy.

In his speech with which he accepted the nomination of his party for the Presidency, he alerted about the poverty of Latinos and African-American communities; he said that those communities don’t have enough jobs.

Even, Trump expressed his worries about government debts, the wrong budgets, and he said that he is the right person to fix everything.

But here is a question–based on the Spanish proverb: ‘Who snuggles up to good tree, good shade shelters him–. Is Trump the correct tree for Americans, in respect to the economy?

In the strike there are white, Asian, African American, and Latinos fighting.

Some of those workers believe that their former boss has double standards when he talks about economy; because he had been having several problems with his own business, though being a billionaire.

What is your opinion about Donald Trump, about his discourse now that he is a presidential candidate, do you think that he will make America great again?, I asked some people.

Inside and outside of the building, which has the last name of the Republican candidate on the front, the employees just move their heads negatively. Outside they shared an opinion; inside the managers don’t allow them to talk about this topic, as told me a worker in the Customer Services, while smiling nervously.


Cooks, bartenders, housekeepers, cocktail servers, and people from other services are protesting.

“Donald Trump refuses to be involved; I asked on Twitter, on Facebook, to his campaign manager… I look in this way, if your name is on front of this building and you are supposedly presidential elected candidate, would you want to say something?”, said Christina Condos, a worker on strike.

The woman is cancer survivor, for that she needs a proper medical insurance, and she is disappointed about Trump and the operators of the casino.

The casino in New Jersey is operating by Tropicana Entertainment, whose CEO is Icahn, after that the presidential candidate declared bankruptcy… again. His name is involved, but he is not the owner anymore.

“Icahn is the guy that Trump said will be in charge of the economy. What? This is plain and simple! You want to make America great again? Why don’t you make the building with your name great again? I don’t have anything against Trump personally; he gave us a contract when he was here; but he is not doing anything now!” expressed Condos.

On his website, Trump has a section about different issues, one of them is about jobs; the businessman says that he is proud of himself, because he has created thousands of jobs.

“I will be the greatest jobs producing president that God ever created”, he said, and continues: “I love helping people, and there is nothing like helping people than getting them and their families great jobs”.

While in front of the casino-hotel, 1000 Boardwalk, some workers on strike have been trying to take the attention of their employers, and the empathy of the visitors.

The protester’s slogans can be heard from inside, close to the main door of the hotel, just some steps from the casino, where the music and the ‘caching-caching’ of the slot machines make them disappear.

More people are supporting the workers, as the Rep. Brendan Boyle (PA-13).

“I am proud to stand with striking Trump Taj Mahal workers in their struggle against Donald Trump’s would-be Treasury Secretary, Carl Icahn, for healthcare and a fair contract. My office will pursue Brokaw Act legislation in order to prioritize workers, communities and businesses over short term financial gains,” he told the people on strike.

I tried to contact Donald Trump’s press campaign office, but nobody answered my call.


The name of Donald Trump is involved, but the presidential candidate is not operating the Taj Mahal in New Jersey. (Picture taken from


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