Migration is NOT Latino’s biggest concern in the US

It sounds crazy, but it is not. The immigration is not the biggest concern of the more than 27 million Hispanic voters in the United States. They are worried, as any American, about economy and health care.

The voters consider those topics as “very important” to their vote, revealed the Pew Research Center (PRC) in the study “2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction”.

Terrorism is the third issue for Hispanic voters. The immigration is the fourth.

Latinos are not far from the biggest concerns of the general voters. The report reveals that the Americans are worried about economy and terrorism.

The possible Latino profile supports Trump:
a male, in his late thirties or more
and monolingual (English speaker).

What does this mean? Simple: Hispanics are not different than any citizen in the country. They belong here, and they have legitimate concerns.

The education is another matter of interest for Latinos, but this issue is the eighth when the survey talks about the general voters.

The following graphic shows the issues of Latino voters.


The Hispanics are more interested in the election process than 2012, and they represent an important key for the contenders.

“This is the first time that I see a presidential debate”, said a Guatemalan woman that has been living in USA for more than 20 years. Why? “This is the first time that a crazy man is trying to become a president”, she expressed before smiling at her own comment.

But how many Hispanics support Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? You will be surprised when you know that 24 percent of this group supports the Republican candidate.

There is something interesting: the 41 percent of the English speakers is with the businessman, unlike of the 11 percent, if the voter is bilingual.

By gender, 30 percent of men support Trump, but just 19 percent of women.

If we try to find a profile of a Latino that follows the Republican candidate, this voter would be: a male, in his late thirties or more and monolingual (English speaker).

Before the first presidential debate, when this study was released, 81 percent of the Hispanic believes that Clinton is better in different topics, especially those of their concern.

“Clinton’s advantages among Hispanic voters are narrower on the three issues on which she trails Trump among all voters: Reducing the influence of special interest groups, improving economic conditions and defending the country from terrorist attacks”, indicated the study.


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