The Mexican President Betrayed the LGBTQ Community


Enrique Peña Nieto promised the reform in May 17, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

In May 17, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto gave hope to the LGBTQ community when he announced his decree about the gay marriage and other rights for this social group.

The idea sounded fabulous, because it was following the verdict of the Supreme Court of 2015, which considers the prohibition of the gay marriage unconstitutional.

For now, the same sex couples can marry in Mexico City, Coahuila and Quintana Roo, because the local Civil Codes of these states allow this kind of unions; in the rest of the country, the citizens have to fight in courts for their rights.

Emilio Gamboa, leader of the PRI –the President’s party– in the Senate, said that this project is not a priority for them. In his opinion, the rights of thousands of people are not important.

The project is in the Chamber of Deputies, but is a constitutional reform, so the Union Congress has to approve it, and Gamboa told Reforma newspaper that the subject is a big problem between deputies, for that they consider it a useless discussion.

“Egalitarian marriage is in the deputies’ court. I do not see the issue as a priority… It’s not an issue that is pushing Mexican society to take it forward,” he said.

Why am I saying that the President betrayed the LGBTQ community members?

Because he promised them this reform in a big event in Los Pinos; as his party and allies are the majority in the Union Congress, so if they want to approve the decree, they can do it. They don’t need members from other parties, as PAN.

What the LGBTQ community won’t have:

  • The right to marry in all Mexican states.
  • The people that have change of sex won’t have easily a new legal identity (born certificate, passport, etc).
  • There won’t changes in all legislations where same sex couples are being discriminated.
  • There won’t access to the government services, as social security, loans, etc.

At the same time, the Catholic Church is leading a movement against the reform. But this is not the first time that this institution does that. The priests are not the real problem. The deputies and senators are the problem.

In the middle of this discussion, the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel died. He was gay. He never confirmed this, but as he said, he didn’t have to do it.  “They say you don’t ask about what’s obvious”, he expressed in an interview some years ago.

During his last concert, Juan Gabriel spoke about love, and the courage to love whoever you want to love.

In Mexico the Church, parties as PAN and PRI say that the Mexicans don’t accept gay people, less the gay marriage. They are talking about the same Mexican citizen that they love, almost glorify, who is a gay idol.

This is the contradiction of the world of Mexico, when the political promises are just promises, nothing more!


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